The inspiration behind Shopfineast has always been community impact. We wanted to create a brand that offers not only based on value and good looks, but also a value to society. Our philosophy to give back to the community is based on ‘real people, real impact’. We realize the impact is bigger than us, therefore we partner with amazing organizations on causes close to our hearts where we can really contribute back and witness the life-changing progress. Through proudly showcasing Thailand’s heritage and crafts, we hope our brand can help improve the social welfare within our beloved country.

We donate USD 1 for every piece ordered to provide for apartment, living expenses, and other basic facilities for those in the program. Help us help them.


The Orange Fund

FEC CSR Children
Selected underprivilege children will receive meals and/or financial donations for a continuous 12 months support. The financial consistency will give them a mental break, as well as the opportunity to develop from their current living situation and prepare for their future.
CSR FEC Elderly
Elderlies, who are left behind or with no family support or financial allowance, will receive a continuous housing allowance or other financial contribution. Our meals, housing, and/or monetary contribution aim to support and improve their basic living conditions.
csr fec dogs chaam
Until 2022, over 500+ stray cats and dogs have been sheltered, neutered, and fed by the founders. We hope we can continue our mission to population control and give these cute little lives a chance to live a comfortable life. That’s our promise to you

FEC x Mirror Foundation

“Jang Wan Kha” is a support program hiring elderly and homeless people to clean public spaces and help them earn money. The money paid to the program depends purely on donations. The program aims to organize cleaning jobs four times a week, with a rotating roaster of JANG WAN KHA hirees. The program gives the elderly and homeless people the opportunity to work and earn an income of 400 THB (USD 12.50) per day in order to cover their very basic necessities such as food and housing. There are currently 110 elderly and homeless people over 50+ years of age in the Jang Wan Kha program. They share common problems of unemployment, lack of health care, and poverty. Through the Mirror Foundation, FEC team has occasionally been helping Jang Wan Kha participants occasionally since April 2022.

FEC x Samutprakarn Stray Cat House

People with real wealth who are truly “rich” inside and out give it to those in need. They feel better about the gift of giving than the extra car or watch or boat or cashmere blend sweater. I imagine they donate a lot more online than they spend. They come to an eternal understanding that their life’s purpose is to make the world a better place.