We’re as real as it gets.

For the underprivileged, social support is either inadequate, qualified, or unreachable. We have set S.M.A.R.T goals in our donations, where we define specific problems, measurable outcomes, achievable results, relevant solutions, and timely impact to those who we can directly donate. Some of the basic foundations we aim to support include education, disability funds, conservation, housing, and more. We contribute to the helpless, so no one gets left behind.

We Hope

We hope and intend to raise awareness on involvement in the community to benefit the overall society amongst the younger generation and working professionals. Leading by example, younger generations can join this movement to learn to manage their time wisely- to build their own future empire, as well as intrinsically learn to become selfless and give back sustainably.

Real People, Real Impact.


But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth


Elderlies, who are left behind or with no family support, will receive a continuous 12 months housing allowance that lessen the burden to themselves and society, to support their necessities.


Each individual receiving donation will receive continuous 12 months support on basic foundations through a financial donation. The consistency will give them a better opportunity to develop from their current living situation and  prepare for their future.


Over 500+ animals will be sheltered, neutered, and fed with a spare emergency funds.

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Cats and Dogs Were treated and rescided from us
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Cats and Dogs Were treated and rescided from us


Story 1: Bann Maew Pan Thang

Story 2: Cha Am landfill Stray Dogs

Story 3: Bann Maew Pan Thang

Nong Som was found by our Founder, Natt, running across a small neighborhood street. At first, she thought it was a rat. Then she thought it was a kitten who got ran over with piling intestines outside its stomach. Apparantly, Nong Som has fallen into rat glue and managed to get herself out. In her struggle, she’s picked up every piece of dirt onto her skin and dirt covering her eyes. Luckily after 2 weeks of intensive medical care and tender loving kisses, Nong Som was sent to find her forever home at PAWS Bangkok. She has been adopted and living happily in her new forever home!

Story4: Lucy the Cat

This little kitten was founded on one of our on-ground visits near Phuttamolthon Road. The kitten was separated in a small cage under the sun, due to its infectious nature. He was down with severe cat flu that has managed to start damaging its eyes.

Our Founder Natt brought him home to foster and receive 3 weeks of treatment before finding it a forever home with Mama Cat Ann! It’s supposed to be a tale of happy endings, unfortunately the kitten sadly passed away from the flu after a week with his new adoptive family. 🙁 R.I.P little one.

Story 5: Smash the Cat

People watched as this kitten was run over by a car from the backside down, and left it walking on its hunched back for over a month. We received a call on this incident and retrieved the neighborhood stray kitten to get treatment. Apparantly, the kitten wasn’t able to take a poo-poo on its own and no vet surgeons were able to repair him. Our Founder Natt spent a month helping the kitten ‘release’ morning and night, giving it daily laxatives. After a month of foster, kitty was sent over to the professional care of PAWS Bangkok, where they found her a surgeon willing to operate. She has such an amazing fighter spirit, and if she’s willing to fight to live, we’re going to fight for her! Kitty is now happily adopted into a loving home!

Story 6: Da from Lak Si

Pa Da was found at an individual shelter in the outskirts of Bangkok. She was spotted crawling in dirty cages trying to clean and save stray cats. She is 70+ years old and was earning 3.20 USD as a daily wage.

Her transportation fee costs 1.3 USD to get to work, leaving her with just little money to get by for meals. It is not enough for accommodation.

Story 7: 5 Flu-ridden Kittens Saved!

Cat flu is a real problem in any situation where a group of cats is kept, particularly if new cats are often introduced.

We saved them in the cage including observation and treat them. Now, All of them have been adopted and re-homed.

Story 8: Blind Mummy

This mummy cat’s eye from the cat island got severely infected, to the point the eye itself was popping out.

The eye was removed earlier this week, and blind mummy has fully recovered and living in our private cats shelter!